• What do your prices include?

    Prices displayed on the sign-designer tool are accurate in $USD and include shipping. NOTE: Prices displayed by photos of existing signs are indicative only. They assume a one-sided sign. They include fabrication of the main sign panel - not subsigns, posts or scroll hangers. Prices will change if revisions alter size or number of sides. Customized work based on photos will require custom quotes. Click the 'send me a quote' button.

  • What does shipping cost?

    Shipping is free for USA and Australian customers; your sign will be shipped directly to your door. There are no additional charges once you have purchased your sign. Shipping to the UK, Canada and most other countries is also free, however customers from countries other than the USA and Australia are responsible for local import duties and taxes where they apply.

  • How will my sign be delivered?

    Your sign will be shipped directly to your door by UPS or TNT. Ensure that you provide us with a physical address, not just a PO box.

  • How long does delivery take?

    Your sign will be delivered to your door within a month from when you approve the design proof we send you. If you need your sign sooner than that and are willing to pay an additional rush fee, let us know what your deadline is and we'll let you know if we can make it.

  • What if my sign is damaged during shipment?

    We package your sign with the utmost care, and damage is rare. However, if something does go wrong, report any 'damage in transit' as soon as you accept delivery, and we will repair or replace your sign free of charge.

  • What if I'm not happy with my sign?

    If we did not render the sign according to the 'design proof' that you approved - we will repair or replace it free of charge. If you overlooked a mistake on the proof or changed your mind later - we can still fix or replace your sign, but additional charges may apply. See our terms and conditions for all the details.

  • What are the signs made of?

    Unless otherwise specified - your sign will be made of high density urethane (HDU) laminated to PVC and finished with Dulux Weathershield paints HDU can be carved, painted and gilded like traditional carving wood - but as a 'closed cell foam' it is water and insect-proof. Dulux Weathershield is Australia's most UV-resistant paint. Gilding is done using genuine 23kt gold leaf. These signs are designed for very long life in external applications.

  • How do I mount my sign?

    After you have designed your sign and go to checkout, you will be prompted to select a mounting system. The options available are described on our Hanging Systems page. We recommend that wall signs over 2 square feet in size, or any signs mounted on scroll hangers be installed by a qualified local professional. Larger signs using a 2 post system can be mounted to the horizontal cross beam[s]. Posts should be sourced locally, fabricated and installed by a qualified local professional.

  • Can you design a custom sign for me?

    Yes. If you can't use this website to design something that makes you happy, you can purchase one of our Custom Design Packages and our designers will create a custom design to your specifications.

  • What picture can I have on my sign?

    You can choose any picture from the gallery shown in the 'sign designer'. The image that you choose will be sculpted and /or individually hand-painted for your sign. If you upload custom artwork on the Sign Designer, you can give us instructions how you would like us to render your artwork. We will send you a proof for approval before we produce the sign.

  • Why is my custom artwork shown in a white square?

    There are limitations to the Sign Designer. If you upload your custom artwork as a jpg it will be represented in a box. Our designers will "cut out" your artwork into whatever shape it is meant to be, and email you a proof prior to production. To avoid a box upload your custom artwork as a transparent png file.

  • Will you sell or share my personal information?

    Never. See our privacy policy.

  • Can you ship anywhere in the world?

    Yes, we have shipped signs all over the world, and would be glad to give you a price to ship to the country of your choice. Send us an email and we will email you back to let you know the cost.

  • What if I want a larger sign or sign system?

    You can adjust the size of the sign you design on this site. The sizes are limited by material size and production constraints. If you need a larger signage system or large monument style signage that you cannot design on this site - please contact us and describe what you need. We'll let you know if we can make it and what it will cost.

  • Can I have more text on the sign?

    Sure, Danthonia can provide information panels, you-are-here maps, and other 'text intensive' signage components. Please contact us and describe what you need. Additional design fees may apply.

  • Can I ask you a question that's not listed here?

    Of course! Get in touch via the Contact page. We'd love to hear from you.