Applecroft Farm Sign

THIS ORIGINAL FARM SIGN design with custom 3D sculpted artwork was created for a client in Maryland. It has been popular on the farm sign section of our site and is often used as an inspiration or starting point for other orchard signs and farm sign designs.

In the old days of family farms people kept a selection of animals on hand. Their apple trees were tall and fruit was harvested with ladders. Sheep, goats or even chickens could be safely used to graze and help manage the grass and vegetation under the trees without doing harm to the orchard. Cattle were also used to graze and collect drops for fattening before market - but their weight on the tree's root systems and contact with fruit laden branches were sometimes a problem. Variations on this kind of artwork are popular because the scene brings back memories of the days of family farms and local orchards. People think back fondly to an era where their kids drank fresh milk and ate fruit and vegetables that were in season. Owners of hobby farms and smaller organic farms often choose a sign design like this that turns our thoughts back to the days when rural folk still knew how to live off of their land.

Here is one tip to consider when choosing effective farm sign artwork. This sign is 40" x 55” and signs this size and larger allow for a fairly detailed scene to be rendered and made recognizable from a distance. But if your sign is smaller or needs to be viewed from a greater distance – choose a single subject like a baby lamb or a single apple so that the art can be rendered as large as possible on the sign space available and can be recognised from the greatest distance.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
55 " x 40 "