Wellingrove Farm Sign

BORDER LEICESTER SHEEP are an old established polled (no horns), long-wooled breed that originated in Northumberland, England around 1760. They were developed by Robert Blakewell – one of the most famous British sheep breeders. The name comes from their birthplace near the border with Scotland, and their foundation Dishley Leicester ram stock. By the 19th century, this breed was fairly common in the UK. Originally raised primarily for meat, they are large and robust, yet also known for their docile temperament. Their wool is also prized by spinners - generally very long and crimped and is used for medium to heavy weight garments. They are easily distinguished by their Roman nose and bare points (no wool on head and legs.)

In 1871 the first Border Leicester sheep were imported to Australia, where there are now many stud flocks and one of the first Australian stud farms was established in 1881. Rams are mated with Merino ewes to breed valuable mothers that have a high fertility rate, good milk production and able to thrive over a wide range of climatic conditions. Now the sheep are imported around the globe – from British Guiana, China, South Africa and India to Iran, Russia and Turkey.

The sheep shown on this handcrafted sign is Wellingrove’s prize winning ram, Dave. Located in Glen Innes, New South Wales, Wellingrove has won many prizes for their sheep, and they came to Danthonia for a distinctive sign that would reflect the pride they have in their stud farm. Copying from photos of Dave, and a number of back and forths with the owners until we got him just right, the artwork and banners were hand sculpted and painted while the text was hand carved.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Sculpted Add on
Sign Size
32 " x 34 "