Farm Signs

“WE HAVE neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist.” ― Wendell Berry - The Gift of Good Land

While farmers may be ‘artists and craftsmen of the soil’, Danthonia offers the kind of tools and artistic help you will need to design a classic farm sign. Farm sign design is an important part of establishing the character and reputation of any farm, ranch or rural property.

Whether your farm is a commercial enterprise or a family hobby, a farm sign is crucial for identifying your entry. A good farm sign becomes a local landmark in the rural landscape, investing any farm with a distinctive identity.

Effective farm sign design should take into consideration not only the need to identify your farm, but to display something of your farm’s own distinctive personality.

Wood carved farm signs are often associated with country living for their natural look. Prized crops, animals or a favoutire old truck or tractor can be incorporated into farm sign designs in a visually pleasing way. A wooden sign evokes an idealized vision of country living, where food is fresh and living is simple. A wood sign is a great way to charm your guests and instil a sense of pride in your farm. Danthonia signs have all the charm of carved wood – but our materials are much longer lasting.

Once your entry sign is up and looking good – you may want to consider additional signage for way-finding. A themed sign system not only looks polished and effective, but it is an effective way of guiding guests, clients and various delivery drivers around your farm.

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  • The website was fabulous and easy to use! Tons of ideas and fun to play with the size, color, font, and details of our sign. The customer service was first class as well. - very responsive. The quality of the product was exceptional. It couldn't have been any better! We love our sign! The "Five Eighty Eight" was always a dream for us!... It started as the 525 - I wanted 5 dogs on 25 acres. Being city dwellers it was a dream just to be able to spend time in the country! Well, we found 88 acres of land so now our farm is called the 588! Thank you, again!

    Gail, Five Eighty-Eight Farm