Butternut Farm Sign

BUTTERNUT FARM is a popular name. You can Google 'Butternut Farm' and find bed & breakfasts, golf clubs, wedding venues, maple syrup producers, and pick you own fruit farms. Each place has its own logo and most have related farm signage.

This Butternut Farm 'shingle sign' was ordered by a client in New York State who wanted something distinctive for a hobby farm. Our designers worked up a sign that focused on the simple architecture of a white circa 1741 farm house. The two mirror-image trees give the artwork a 'primitive' look. In fact, historically, primitive NY artists like Grandma Moses were not around yet in 1741 nor had the well known Pennsylvania Dutch design influence taken hold. But most owners of hobby farms are more interested in the nostalgia their sign brings across – rather than whether they have an historically accurate period sign. Farm signs like this should say: "These are the good old days" and make people feel good about turning up the drive to the farm house.

The 30" x 26" size of this sign is reasonably good for roadside viewing in a rural setting. Hanging this sign from a scroll helps to catch the eye of passers-by. Our black scroll hangers look like wrought iron - but are rust free powder-coated aluminium. They can accommodate signage up to 32" in width. The black background on the sign gives good contrast to the yellow edge, the white house and text and especially the trees which are hand-carved and gold gilded. The house, date plaque and top trim are dimensional add-ons that give depth and the handcrafted look that make a farm sign special.

Carved & Painted
Carved & Gilded Trees
Sign Size
30 " x 26 "