Jenderrie Farms Sign

FOR ANY TRACTOR CONNOISSEUR, the British-made Field Marshall farm tractor on this sign is easily recognizable, with its huge flywheel and ‘coffee percolator’ shaped exhaust. These tractors were mainly in production from 1945 till 1957, though the first single-cylinder Marshall was produced as far back as 1930. Commonly used to pull farm equipment like threshing machines from location to location, the tractor would then be used on site to power the larger machine, connecting its belt pulley to the machine’s pulley with a flat drive belt.

No doubt this trusty tractor was a major player in the early years of Jenderrie Farms near Emerald in the Central Highlands region of Queensland. As shown in the artwork, Jenderrie is part of the cotton industry, and is located about as far north as you will find cotton growing in Australia. Although this country is a relatively minor producer on a global scale for cotton, it is the world’s second largest exporter. In fact, Australia and Egypt product the highest quality cottons in the world and Australia produces enough cotton in an average year to clothe 500 million people. Clothes aren’t the only thing cotton is good for, though. Coffee filters, book binding and paper, fishnets, and medical supplies all use cotton, as well as being crushed for cottonseed oil used in soap, margarine, emulsifiers, cosmetics, rubber and plastics. And the very short fibers that stick to the seed after ginning, called ‘linters’, are used in making bandages, bank notes, cotton buds and x-rays.

Jenderrie Farms put it all together in their handcrafted Danthonia sign with this hand sculpted and painted tractor and hand painted cotton artwork. The text is hand carved and gilded with 23kt gold leaf.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
68 " x 30 "