Lakeview Farm Property Sign

‘HO! HOW THE ELF-FLAMES laugh in glee! Closer yet let us draw together, Holding our revel of memory in the guiling twilight of winter weather; Out on the waste the wind is chill, And the moon swings low o'er the western hill, But old hates die and old loves burn higher With the wane and flash of the farmhouse fire.’ Lucy Maud Montgomery

The beautiful old stone house at Lakeview Farm in Ambler, Pennsylvania looks like it could have been the farmhouse written about in Montgomery’s poem. It is typical of the southeastern part of the state, known for its many lovely 18th and 19th century stone houses, barns and mills – most built with irregular fieldstone. German settlement began here in the early 1700’s, and many buildings still existing from that time reflect the strong ties of the first settlers to their central Europe roots. Many of these first buildings took on the medieval traditional steep roof, thick walls and small windows. Some were built over springs, providing running water and a cool storage area for food underground. Other homes combined house and barn as a temporary situation until fortunes improved and more buildings were built, separating the family from the animals.

This attractive property sign features the house, which has been copied from a photograph and hand painted as an add on panel. The main text has been hand carved and gilded with 23kt gold leaf, while the entire sign has been bordered with a two-tone frame, complementing the warm tones of the painting.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Painted Add on
Sign Size
20 " x 18 "