Keswick Property Sign

KESWICK FARM CONTRACTING is a family business located in Victoria, Australia. They offer pasture renovation, full fodder service, farm fencing and other related agricultural products and services.

This beautiful Keswick farm sign was designed and hand crafted some years ago to promote and grow the 'horse side' of the operation and to advertise that a variety of pastures are available year round that are suitable for horses.

This design illustrates the theory 'less is more' on a tasteful entry statement. Keswick identifies the company name and the stunning horse artwork says the rest. Framed in a simple classic shape with black top trim to add dimension, the sign can stand alone as a work of art or hold a sub sign with phone number and other details clients may need to know.

The carved and gilded text with sculpted and gilded horse image contrast nicely with the deep blue background. This blue and gold color choice is very UV resistant and will not show significant fading for many years to come.

A hanging shingle signs like this - if made from a wood sign panel - will be prone to warping. In this application, at Danthonia, we generally use a HDU/PVC/HDU lamination for the sign panel construction. Even when there is no text or art on the second side the additional HDU layer will insulate the second side from sun vs shade side temperature differences. This will help keep the sign straight, flat and looking like new.

Incise Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Gilded Add on
Sign Size
28 " x 20 "