Brassfield Estate Winery Sign

“WINE IS BOTTLED POETRY” Robert Louis Stevenson

Brassfield Estate Winery & Vineyard is a unique property located in the western section of High Valley at High Serenity Ranch in northern California. One of only two transverse valley AVAs in the state, the property was purchased in 1973 as a cattle ranch and wildlife reserve, gradually more property was added, until today the estate includes 2,500 acres.

In 1998, the idea of utilizing the vineyards’ potential to grow world class wines became serious and planting began in 2001. The lower vineyards grow at 1800 ft elevation, while the higher sections are at nearly 3000 ft, giving parts of the estate some of the coldest temperatures in the state. Lake Serenity and Round Mountain Volcano, which are found on the property, help to create conditions for grapes with just the right acidity for white wines and dark color and fruit character for the red wines. The region is also known for the cleanest air in California.

Brassfield takes pride in taking stewardship of the land and animals on it and has worked together with California Waterfowl Association in providing a flyway and waterfowl refuge.

When the folks at Brassfield asked Danthonia to make their sign, they wanted a classic hand crafted look that would reflect the care and quality of their winery. The script of their logo was hand carved using chisels and gilded with 23kt gold leaf. The small text and border were incise carved and painted, while the crest was hand painted on a dimensional add on plaque.

Carved & Gilded
Add on plaque
Sign Size
40 " x 27 "