Greendance Winery Sign

"PENICILLIN CURES, but wine makes people happy." Alexander Fleming , Scottish bacteriologist credited with discovering penicillin in 1928

Greendance Winery in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania had its beginnings with a family farm which grew gourmet berries and small fruits (gooseberries, golden raspberries and currants). In time, they shifted attention to the production of fruit wines. Focusing on quality hybrid grapes, and after joining forces with others with many years of experience in grape growing and wine making, Greendance Winery finally came into being in the winter of 20007. Now offering over 40 wine varieties, the winery offers gourmet snacks and sandwiches on weekends and special occasions, when live music is part of the experience. An outdoor café and Nectar Garden are open every day.

Obviously, this friendly frog is the winery’s upbeat mascot and signature. We hand sculpted and painted him, making him upfront and bold on the sign. The winery uses a casual, script font, which we carved with hand chisels, as well as the subtext and groove border. A simple, clean look makes this business sign stand out. It will last for years to come, too, since it is constructed of high density urethane (HDU) – a closed cell substrate that is totally waterproof and insect-proof and will not warp, crack, rot or split like wood will do over time. The paints are Dulux Weathershield exterior acrylics – Australian engineered and highly UV-resistant, so there will no noticeable fading for 10 to 15 years.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted Add on
Sign Size
84 " x 36 "