Mary's Mount Olive Products Business Sign

NEAR THE MURMURING in the grain fields, of the waves, Of wind in the oat-stalks The olive tree With its silver-covered mass, Severe in its lines In its twisted Heart in the earth: The graceful olives polished by the hands which made the dove… And there in the dry olive groves Where alone the blue sky with cicadas And the hard earth exist There the prodigy, The perfect capsules of the olives Filling with their constellations, the foliage Then later, the bowls, The miracle, The olive oil. I love the homelands of olive oil… Olive oil, The internal supreme condition for the cooking pot Pedestal for game birds, Heavenly key to mayonnaise Smooth and tasty over the lettuce… There are syllables of olive oil, There are words Useful and rich-smelling like your fragrant material It’s not only wine that sings, Olive oil sings too It lives in us with its ripe light And among the good things of the earth I set apart olive oil, Your ever-flowing peace, your green essence Your heaped-up treasure which descends In streams from the olive tree. Pablo Neruda, Ode to Olive Oil

Mary’s Mount is all about olives, and though the folks there may not be quite as poetic about them, they certainly know their stuff when it comes to olives. When they were looking for a sign, they wanted something hand crafted, that would make their business stand out. The result was this dimensional sign, with hand painted artwork and carved letters – both gilded and painted.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Flat Painted Add on
Sign Size
30 " x 21 "