Sarabah Estate Vineyard Sign

SARABAH ESTATE WINERY is located off the beaten track, in the Gold Coast hills of Queensland. Here, the winters can get chillier than many other places here, producing some lovely wines. Most specifically, they are known for their crisp Rose, as well as a very mellow Cabernet. With Merlot vines imported straight from France in 2004 , as well as Cabenet and Sauvignon, Shiraz, and then Verdelho and Viognier vines planted in 2007, the present owners bought the vineyard from a family business who were moving on to other things. Cameron (a jeweller / watchmaker / dairy farmer) and Toni-Maree (dry-cleaner / organic farmer / cook) are the husband/wife team who now run the winery, together with consultant wine maker, John. With their combined skills of cooking / farming / and wine making, the winery has been a perfect fit. The stunning surroundings of the Scenic Rim, nestled in the foothills of Lamington National Park, and just one hour away from the city lights, make a great backdrop for Sarabah. The stone and timber chalet is a popular venue for events of all kinds, as well as the large new marquee (which seats 200 guests).

We made a sign system for Sarabah, going for the silver elegant look, which matches well to the many weddings and classy events held here. The large hand sculpted keys as well as the incise carved text and groove border were all palladium gilded, while the background is a warm and subtle gray, with darker blue-gray border. Price shown is for the large entry sign with keys logo.

Prism Carved Add ons / Incise Carved Palladium Gilded
Scuplted and Gilded
Sign Size
63 " x 94 "