The Hedonist Vineyard Sign

THE HEDONIST BIODYNAMIC Vineyard has an impressive list of awards and honors behind its name, among them the very prestigious George Mackey Memorial Trophy. Its 2009 Hedonist Shiraz was chosen from over 14,500 wines by experts as Australia's best export wine of the year.

Hedonist's Walter Clappis, in the wine business for thirty years, is the only winemaker to have ever won the Dan Murphy trophy three times and has been awarded 37 tophies and 124 gold medals. The list could go on, but this gives an idea of the quality we are talking about here. Together with James and Kimberly Cooter (Walter's daughter) this team is turning out wine that is the best of the best.

The vineyard's name? As Walter says, a hedonist is someone who loves the good things in life, and there's a bit of that in all of us. A bit of a tongue-in-cheek name, together with the logo of the contented pig, it is basically just for fun.

And what exactly does biodynamic mean? In very short, it is a system that emphasizes promoting soil health and nurturing a balanced and diverse earth. No herbicides or pesticides are in use here. All organic matter is composted and returned to the vineyard. Homeopathic quanitities of plants such as chamomile, yarrow, stinging nettle and dandelion, to name a few, are added to the compost mix. Even 'horn manure' (cow manure fermented in a cow harn and buried for at least six months) is used as a soil spray to stimulate root growth.

As for the wine-making itself, traditional methods are used. In this case it means open fermentation in small oak barrels and processed with a basket press.

Whatever these folks are doing, it is certainly working and having great success in the world of wines. That is why it seemed like a perfect fit when this award-winning winery approached Danthonia for their sign. The result was this very rustic yet contemporary looking entrance statement which includes corrugated iron, and hand sculpted artwork with incise carved letters to add dimension. The United States Sign Council honored this sign with a First place in the 'Ground Signs' category and a 'Best of Show' award in their 2011 International Sign Design competition. An award-winning sign for an award-winning winery - you can't do better than that!

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
56 " x 63 "