Glenafton House Sign

GLENAFTON, A PROPERTY in Ferny Hills, Queensland, is the home of a handcrafted sign with lily of the valley featured as its image. Although this well-loved flower is considered native to America (especially the eastern USA), it has been adopted in many far-reaching places, such as Australia. An eastern variety can be found in Japn and parts of eastern Asia, too. An old fashioned garden plant, known for its lovely scented flowers, it is also used as a ground-cover, since it spreads easily in semi-shaded areas where conditions are right.

There are several legends connected with this flower, which has the less well-known names of ‘Our Lady’s Tears’ or ‘Mary’s Tears’. One story tells that the flowers sprang up from Mary’s tears at the crucifixion of Jesus, another says it was Eve’s tears after she and Adam were banished from the Garden of Eden. The name Lily of the Valley has been directly translated from the Hebrew in some bible translations and is used in Solomon’s Song of Songs. This flower has also been considered a symbol of humility over the years in religious artwork – also being considered a symbol of Christ’s second coming, as well as signifying the return of happiness. Other names include ‘May Lily’ and ‘May Bells’. In Bulgaria it is called ‘Lass’s Tear’. Often used for weddings, lily of the valley was chosen by Prince William and Catherine Middleton for their bridal bouquet.

Beautifully hand painted on this property sign, this artwork was chosen from among literally hundreds of choices on Danthonia’s sign designer website, where the customer was able to create their own custom design with their home in mind. The artwork, sign shape, colors, text style, edging, texture, size, etc. were all configured on their home computer, and then ordered online when they were happy that it was just the way they wanted it. The hand carved text was gilded with real palladium.

Carved & Palladium Gilded
Flat Painted
Sign Size
20 " x 13 "