Gloucester Entrance Sign

THE SHIRE OF GLOUCESTER is located in northeastern New South Wales, in the heart of beef and dairy country. First settled in the 1830’s, the townhip was established in 1855. Starting out with sheep farms, eventually the area changed over to cattle raising and growing timber, with tourism gradually becoming an important industry as well. When gold was discovered in 1876 in the small town of Copeland, the town population mushroomed to 3,000 people, which has shrunk to several hundred in the following years. (A recent census recorded the shire’s population at around 2,4000.) Mining for coal began here in 1995.

The nearby Barrington Tops, announced on the sign, is part of the Gondwana rainforest chain, which includes the largest areas of subtropical rainforest in the world. The forests are World Heritage listed, with over 95,000 hectares of pristine wilderness.

This strking entrance sign was designed for Gloucester with the emphasis on the area’s nature. A platypus is depicted as a hand sculpted add on. The horizontal plaque includes hand carved letters and a symbolic depiction of the rivers in the area. The sign looks like wood, but is really constructed of high density urethane (HDU) which has the same density and weight as wood, but is much longer lasting than wood, due to its waterproof and insect-proof qualities.

Carved - Painted
Sculpted Add on
Sign Size
79 " x 72 "