Gray Ghost Winery Sign

GRAY GHOST WINERY is a family owned and operated winery in Amissville, Virginia. Here, every grape is hand-picked and wine is aged in oak barrels. 1993 was the year of the first vintage, after years of planting, transplanting, research and reconstruction of a horse stable converted to winery. All this work has paid off in the way of literally hundreds of awards (since 2003, over 100 medals every year) and honors in renowned international wine competitions, including ‘Best of the East’ by Vineyard and Winery Management magazine for four years running.

The question understandably often comes up – where does the name come from? Gray Ghost Winery and Vineyards is located at the southern end of an area that was known as Mosby’s Confederacy in the Civil War. John Mosby was a Confederate soldier who scouted in northern Virginia behind the Union lines and relayed information about the Union army’s position and strength to General Lee. Due to Mosby’s ability to infiltrate and evade capture, the Union Army gave him the name the ‘Gray Ghost’. In time, this term was used to refer to other Confederate rangers in other states as well – but Mosby remained the main ‘Gray Ghost’. Mosby’s image is shown on the wine label, based on an original painting by the winery owner, while the lettering was a composite of Mosby’s handwriting, though he never actually referred to himself as the Gray Ghost or signed his own name as such.

In keeping with the historical feel of the winery, this handcrafted sign features hand carved lettering on a faux wood add on panel –which looks exactly like weathered wood, but is actually high density urethane, which is a waterproof, closed cell material that will outlast any wood. The main text was hand carved and gilded with 23kt gold leaf.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Flat Painted Add on
Sign Size
36 " x 24 "