Great Chilton Barns Subdivision Sign

GREAT CHILTON BARNS near Chilton, County Durham, UK is a business that specializes in converting barns into beautiful homes. Each house is individual and unique – located in rural settings that are still close enough to town to be handy. Traditional features like interior exposed timbers and solid oak doors and floors are the norm, while at the same time having a contemporary.

When buying a sign, the folks at Great Chilton chose the custom artwork of common pheasants as a focal point, since these birds are an icon of traditional rural British life. Although pheasants are not native to Britain, they have a long history of residence in the country. Perhaps dating back to Roman times, people generally agree that they would have been common by the 15th century, and introduced long before that time. Often thought to be a woodland bird, pheasants are really at home in agricultural land and at woodland edges. So even though they are strictly speaking an introduced species, pheasants have been conserved because of their symbolic importance and long history of naturalization. In the 20th century, they became an important gamebird, next to the grey partridge, which was the main gamebird at the time at the turn of the century.

With this in mind, someone at Great Chilton discovered Danthonia and went to work creating a design using the sign designer website. Uploading their chosen artwork, they chose hand carved and gilded lettering for the main text. The pheasants were hand painted directly on to the sign surface, while the groove border was carved using hand chisels.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Flat Painted
Sign Size
27 " x 20 "