Greenways B & B Sign

‘THE GUM TREE is Australian, as Aussie as can be, And there's no more Australian than the eucalyptus tree. They have been in Australia perhaps since life began, Thousands and thousands of years before coming of man… Man took gum seeds to Italy and to the U.S.A. and now they grow in foreign lands thousands of miles away. But the gum trees grown on foreign soil are Aussie as can be. For there's no more Australian than the eucalyptus tree’ Francis Duggan, The Gum Tree is Australian

Gum blossoms and leaves are the hand carved artwork on this very Australian and handsome bed & breakfast sign. All the text and border groove were carved using hand chisels and painted with Dulux Weathershield exterior acrylic paints. The sign is constructed of high density urethane, a closed cell material that is totally waterproof and insect-proof, the weight and density of wood, yet much longer lasting. The rust-proof aluminium wall mounting hardware that came with this sign was all part of the package, with no addition to the cost, as always with a Danthonia sign.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted Add on