Harlea House Sign

‘I SEE WE HAVE undervalued the kookaburra; they think they are waking the world, and I think so too. They gobble the night in their throats like purple berries, they plunge their beaks in the tide of darkness and dew and fish up long rays of light; no wonder now they howl in such triumph of trumpets, leaves fall from the trees, small birds fly backwards, snakes disappear into a hole. All day long they will rule the bush as they please.’ Douglas Alexander Stewart

The world’s largest member of the kingfisher family (measuring up to 18 inches from beak to tail) kookaburras are one of Australia’s iconic symbols. Their name is borrowed from the Wiradjuri word ‘guuguubarra’ which resembles their unmistakable call, that sounds so much like human laughter, though it is said to really be a territorial call warning other birds to stay away. That being said, most of us like to have a bit more imagination and be open to the idea that they really are just enjoying themselves.

Living in bushlands and on the edges of plains, kookaburras use their large, strong beaks to catch their prey – fish, snakes, lizards, rodents, worms and insects of all kinds. They are easily tamed, and become quite bold in parks where they are used to handouts from barbecues and picnics. Mated for life, the whole family will help during the time that eggs are incubating, as well as feeding and protecting the hatchlings.

No wonder that the kookaburra has been a favorite choice for house signs in Australia. This artwork has been sculpted and painted by hand, while the text is incise carved using hand chisels as well.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
24 " x 9 "
  • We are really happy how the Harlea Sign turned out. The website was very easy to follow and very helpful. The after service was very good, tracking the sign process all the way from the ordering to delivery. Very good to work with.

    Harvey and Leanne