La Campana Spanish Restaurant Sign

“I LOVE THY MUSIC, mellow bell, I love thine iron chime, To life or death, to heaven or hell, Which calls the sons of Time. Thy voice upon the deep The home-bound sea-boy hails, It charms his cares to sleep, It cheers him as he sails’…Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Bell

La Campana (The Bell) is a casual Spanish / Tapas Restaurant and club on Liverpool Street, in the Spanish quarter of Sydney that has been going for many years. The menu here offers a wide selection of quality Spanish cuisine as well as the choicest local and Spanish Wines, along with their traditional home brew of Sangria. Similar to traditional Spanish ‘tavernas’, it is easy to miss this place, and you have to go down a flight of stairs to get there. Specializing in catering for large groups of people, La Campana has three dance floors, with R & B played in the front room and Latin music in the back, with live music ongoing.

Starting with La Campana’s fun and distinctive logo, the letters and bell were all sculpted by hand, with 23kt gold gilded bell and accents. Carved from high density urethane (HDU), the material is a similar weight, density and workability as wood, yet has the added advantage of being completely waterproof and insect-proof, with no grain – so is perfect for carving and sculpting. The paints used are Dulux Weathershield – developed in Australia using mineral pigments to make them highly UV resistant. Anti graffiti coatings are also available where tagging is a risk.

Prism Carved Add ons
Sculpted & Gilded Add on
Sign Size
47 " x 20 "