Lilianfels Resort Sign

Anyone from Katoomba would be familiar with Lilianfels resort. It sits serenely right at the Echo Point end of town, with breathtaking views over the Blue Mountains towards The Three Sisters. One time, it was the stately mansion of New South Wales Chief of Justice Sir Frederick Darley, and the restaurant within still bears his name. In many respects, the grand old house hasn’t changed much since those days, and this is clearly a conscious decision. The ornate, federation-style buildings with shingled roofs, and stately chimneys, the gracious gardens – It all harks back to Katoomba’s glory days of the eighteenth century. Back then, Sydney’s elite used to ride the rails into the mountains and spend time enjoying the fresh air and drinking tea at several opulent hotels in the small town. Although Katoomba fell on harder times in the mid twentieth century, it is once again looking its best for the visitors from the city. Of course, the town is more accessible than ever, these days. Lillianfels, however, is not a place for the unwashed masses. When dining there, there’s a sense of stepping back in time.

Naturally, modern-day cheap vinyl signage simply wouldn’t work at an establishment like this. That’s why Lilianfels asked us to create a system of hardwood signs, to help visitors find their way around. The signs were drawn up by an Italian designer, and manufactured in our workshop, in Inverell. The dark wood grain and white lettering are a good fit for this stately hotel in on the edge of Katoomba.

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56 " x 38 "