Nimbo Fork Lodge Sign

NIMBO FORK LODGE is a luxury fly-fishing haven in the Snowy Mountaina on the Tumut River and not far from the town of the same name. Nimbo Creek is a branch of the river with great fishing, since it is smaller and somewhat less rushing than the larger river. The water flows from Blowering Dam – a cool, clear lake, both summer and winter. Considered by many as having some of the best conditions for fresh water fishing, the lodge also features man-made trout ponds, where beginners can try their luck, or old timers can try out their different flies before trying out their skills in the river. Here you can take advantage of the drift-boating service offered (the boats are the first of their kind in the state) as well as an expert guide for half or all day, or lessons by the hour, if you wish.

Then there’s the lodge itself, which is fully equipped with every convenience and comfort. When the owner started out to build a cabin here, the idea kept growing until it led to what is now Nimbo Fork Lodge – the ultimate fly-fisherman’s paradise, with a supply shop, fine dining restaurant and wine cellar, on-site spa, and breath-taking scenery.

No problem deciding what to put on the lodge’s welcome sign – a life-like trout leaping for a fly, hand sculpted and painted, was the main focus here. The text and border groove were hand carved and gilded with 23kt gold as well as the add on directional panel. Made of high density urethane (HDU) the sign will outlast many seasons of whatever weather the Snowy Mountains have to offer.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted
Sign Size
48 " x 31 "