Sommeliers de France Sign

“FOR IF TRUTH is in wine, then 'tis all but a whim to think a man's true when the wine's not in him. Drink, drink, then, and hold it a maxim divine that there's virtue in truth, and there's truth in good wine.” Benjamin Cooke, ‘In Vino Veritas’ circa 1770’s

A sommelier, or wine steward, is a trained professional who specializes in all the aspects of wine service, along with pairing the tastes of wine and food. The job is comparable in responsibility to the executive chef in a restaurant, and the sommelier is often in charge of the wine list, as well as deliveries and training of other restaurant staff. He or she will work together with the culinary team, as well as working on the floor in direct contact with customers. Nowadays, the task of a sommelier is sometimes broader than focusing on wine, but may include all aspects of restaurant service, though still specializing in all drinks.

The word ‘sommelier’ derives from Middle French, where it referred to a court official whose job was transporting supplies. This term, in turn, goes back to the days when pack animals were used to carry goods, and ‘saumalier’ was the Old Provencal word for a pack animal driver.

Shown prominently on this dimensional sign is a sommelier knife, otherwise known as a waiter’s friend or wine key. First invented in Germany by Karl Wienke in 1882, it included a corkscrew that folded up, similar to a pocket knife. The small knife is used in cutting the foil wrapping on the neck of many wine bottles. Though this type of corkscrew requires more skill in keeping the cork intact than an ordinary one, it can be used more quickly and with more ‘show’.

The knife and banner shown here were sculpted and painted by hand while the text and accents were incise carved by hand as well. The main text was gilded with 23kt gold.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
32 " x 24 "