Restaurant Signs & Café Signs

“I WENT to a fancy French restaurant called Deja Vu. The headwaiter said, 'Don't I know you?'” - Rod Schmidt

Great joke – but having a client come back often and get to know your staff is how you build up your business. Good food, good service, great ambience - these all contribute to repeat business. And a great cafe sign is what makes passersby want to walk in the door and try your food in the first place.

As a marketing device, restaurant signs are invaluable, attracting passers-by and encouraging the popularity of an establishment. A well-crafted and designed restaurant sign can impress and excite guests, prompting them to spread the word about your food.

To attract diners and patrons to any restaurant or café the sign design needs to be carefully thought out and executed. Several factors are crucial to consider when designing a sign to ‘wow’ guests:

  • Style: Any restaurant sign design needs consider the customers the restaurant is hoping to attract. A restaurant hoping to attract a chic clientele will require a more sophisticated, minimalist sign; while a country-style restaurant will benefit greatly from a rustic-style wood carved sign.

  • Images: The images a restaurant chooses to incorporate into their restaurant sign design is important, as it can determine the image and branding of an establishment for years to come. For this reason, the simplest images are often the best.

  • Space: An oft-overlooked factor to consider in sign design is the space used. White space, or the unused space in a design, is a crucial part of the way a sign interacts with viewers. It is important to ensure the white space is sufficient to prevent overwhelming guests.

  • Hanging system & size: Restaurant signs can be mounted from the wall of a building, from a set of posts, or from a scroll or eye-bolt hanging system. The type of hanging system is dependent upon the type of restaurant: for example, a café on a busy street will have limited space and may benefit from an elegant and discrete scroll hanging bar, while a large restaurant at a vineyard will need a bigger sign to attract drivers and passers-by.

More casual-style diner and bar signs may also choose to include a magnetic message board into the design, making it easy to attract people with exceptional deals and daily specials.

Give us a try - we would love to carve you a great restaurant sign.

  • Our new sign is incredibly impressive and it gets lots of exposure because it is on a busy intersection. Many people have told me that it makes the restaurant look fantastic. It has been a great marketing investment.

    - Geert Elzinga, Essen Restaurant

How to Order

  • • Find a sign you like then click “send me a quote”. We will tweak the design for you, and send you a quote.
  • • If you already have a design idea, email us and attach it. We will get back to you with a quote.