Panting Spaniel Pub Sign

“SPANIELS BY NATURE are very loving, surpassing all other Creatures, for in Heat and Cold, Wet and Dry, Day and Night, they will not forsake their Master.” Richard Blome

No doubt, the owner of Panting Spaniel Pub would agree with Blome’s sentiments. In this case, the dog is a Field Spaniel, a breed that has evolved for about 150 years and has in recent years made something of a comeback, though they are still something of a rarity compared to Springer and Cocker Spaniels. (In 2009, a total of 51 dogs were registered with The Kennel Club in the UK.) Of course, their loyal enthusiasts will let you know that these are some of the handsomest and probably most noble looking of all the Spaniel varieties (if not, all dog breeds). One thing you hear repeatedly is that the Field Spaniel is a true country working dog, not really fit for city or apartment living if he doesn’t have a job to do, in which case he can become bored and destructive. (Doesn’t sound too different from us humans really.) But this is a loving and sensitive breed that likes to be with people, and needs firm but gentle training to set clear boundaries. (Also not too different from humans!) Apparently, this dog has a pretty good sense of humor, with a streak of mischief, and his obedience one day does not necessarily guarantee it for the next. Hmmm...

The dog featured on this sign was realistically sculpted and painted by hand, while the letters were carved using a hand chisel as well. Although the sign looks, weighs and feels like wood, it is actually made of high density urethane – a completely waterproof closed cell material that will outlast wood for many years.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
16 " x 16 "