Margaret House Sign

THE FONT USED ON THIS handsome little house sign is one of the Scottish Arts and Crafts style designed in the post Impressionist period (around the turn of last century). Named ‘Rennie Mackintosh’ after the architect, painter and designer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, who designed it –this typeface has been remained popular for many decades. The double cross bars and the unusual placement of the capital ‘O’ are some of its distinctive features. Mackintosh (1868 – 1928) is now internationally acclaimed for his many world famous buildings and interiors. He was part of ‘The Four’ in the 1890’s, a group that created some of the most inventive graphic design and art of that time period. As many other designers of his day, Mackintosh believed that an architect is not only responsible for the structure and layout of a building, but for all the fine details of its interior as well. Considering the living space as a work of art, his designs included very distinctive furniture. Especially in later life, he turned more to painting – creating beautiful flower paintings and in his latest years, watercolor landscapes of scenery around the south of France.

This classic house sign incorporates the feel of the Arts and Crafts style – not only in the font used, but in the border as well. Hand carved, both the text and border groove are gilded with palladium. The simple black background gives it a clean, understated look. And this sign will last for years to come, since it is made of high density urethane – a completely waterproof and insect-proof material with the same density, weight, and look as wood.

Carved & Palladium Gilded
Sign Size
16 " x 11 "