Blacview Property Sign

THIS GREAT PROPERTY SIGN hangs on a rustic brick wall in Rutherford, New South Wales. The owners of Blacview asked Danthonia to design a sign for their property that would be distinctive and handcrafted. Our designers went to town with some of their favorite fonts – in this case, two typefaces from among the many originals designed by Letterheads, which is a group of sign makers who are dedicated to sharing resources and ‘trade secrets’ in the world of sign painting and design.

The group originated back in 1975 in Denver, Colorado with seven sign shop apprentices and artists. It was an informal group who enjoyed partying and discussing the sign trade. They did a lot of research, unearthing old books and resources dating to the turn of the twentieth century. Over the years, membership grew and is now international with members in the thousands. Usually they get together at an annual international meet, but many smaller regional meets will take place each year as well. Anything from pinstriping to carving, gilding and glass art may take place at these gatherings which can stretch over several days. The aim is not only to exchange knowledge and pass on skills, but to have fun and get together with others in the trade. A notable ‘walldog’ meet took place in Belvidere, Illinois in 1997, when over 300 artists converged from around the world to create nine large wall murals in three days, each depicting the town’s history and all work donated to the town.

This sign stands out for its ‘marbled’ background, created with sponges and several colors of paint. The main text and accents were hand carved and gilded with 23kt gold leaf.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Sign Size
64 " x 24 "