Blanchard's Bijou Property Sign

BIJOU IS A WORD borrowed from the French Breton word for ‘ring’ - ‘bizou’. It has come to mean something that is small, delicate, elegant or highly prized, often referring to a residence or business establishment. It can also be a small object like a jewel , trinket or ornamental piece of delicate workmanship. The first known use of the work goes back to 1668, so it isn’t a new idea.

Here, the ‘bijou’ appears to mean a family residence. The 23kt gold leaf gilding fits in well with the idea of a piece of ornamental handiwork which, in this case, is a handcrafted dimensional sign. The scalloped decoration at the top is smooth sculpted using hand gouges, while the lettering, lines and lower accent are all incise carved using hand chisels. The sign is constructed of a material called high density urethane (HDU) which is a closed cell substrate which is completely waterproof, having the same density, weight, feel, look and workability as wood, yet is much longer lasting than wood and will not warp, split, crack or rot like wood will tend to do over time. The HDU is laminated to a strong PVC backing, to add stability for screwing in mounting hardware at installation. The real gold has an elegance that will brilliantly reflect the sunlight, while the exterior acrylic paints will stand the elements for years to come. This ‘old world’ style property sign is a beautiful work of art that will welcome visitors and be a landmark that says ‘You have arrived!’

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Gilded Add on
Sign Size
24 " x 8 "