Festscheune House Sign

‘FESTSCHEUNE’ is a German word that, like so many words in this land, puts two (or more) words together to make a word that can’t exactly be translated, at least, not in a single word. In this case, ‘Fest’ literally means ‘celebration’ or ‘party’ and ‘scheune’ means ‘barn’. So this is a rustic place that is especially designed for getting together, relaxing, eating good food, and enjoying each other’s company. Inside, exposed wooden beams, brick and plastered walls with wood wainscoting, fireplace and stonework all add to the ambiance of this newly renovated barn that had for decades been a chicken house/wood/storage shed.

Needing a sign to add the finishing touch to the building in this small country village of Sannerz near Fulda, in central Germany, the wish was for a hand crafted sign that would match the barn. Copying from a collection of photographs of the area, Danthonia worked together with the folks at Sannerz until the artwork was just how they wanted it – a bit whimsical, yet with enough likeness to the countryside to be recognizable. The text chosen was an old German script style, which was carved using hand chisels along with the matching groove border. The sign was painted with a brushed texture to look like wood, although Danthonia's HDU/PVC construction will last much longer than any carved wooden sign in the rain and snow of this locality.

Carved & Painted
Add on Painting
Sign Size
32 " x 21 "
  • The sign arrived & we had a very joyful "Grand opening" on Sunday evening. It is perfekt! As we say in Germany, "Vielen dank!"