Geebung Flat House Sign

THIS BEAUTIFUL HOUSE SIGN is located in Inverell, New South Wales. The bright focal point is the 3D artwork – a hand sculpted and painted add on. This lifelike flower was the home owner’s choice – a yellow flame vine or trumpet creeper, more officially known as Pyrostegia Venusta, which is a tropical flower native to South America, and has been adopted in Australian gardens, thriving in warm to temperate areas everywhere from the far north down to Sydney and Perth, as well as inland and around Adelaide. (The Latin name means Flame ‘pyro’, covering ‘stege’, pleasing ‘venusta’.) It can vary in color from yellow to bright orange, and thrives in warm and sunny spots. A large climbing plant, it forms into sheets of growth which can cover water tanks, garages, walls and fences – so it often used to cover un-photogenic tank stands, etc.

This custom sign is completely hand crafted. The letters are incise carved using hand chisels and gilded with 23kt gold leaf. The flowers are carved using gouges and carving knife. A cove edge complements the main sign color for the finishing touch.

Danthonia uses high density urethane, which has the same weight, density and feel as wood, but lasts longer than wood since it is a closed cell material that is insect proof and waterproof. The HDU is laminated to a PVC backing for added stability in installation hardware. Dulux Weathershield, a highly UV resistant, mineral pigment based paint, is used on all our signs – so they will not fade for years to come.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
28 " x 17 "