Magnolia Cottage House Sign

A DIMENSIONAL MAGNOLIA is the focal point on this handcrafted sign that hangs in Dorrigo, New South Wales. Originally the artwork of a customer who arrived at our shop on her motorcycle one day with painting in tow, the magnolia was soon copied, hand sculpted and painted by one of our artists. The text was hand carved and gilded with 23kt gold leaf to add an elegant touch to this lovely property sign.

Long prized all over the world for their delicate colors and forms, magnolias come in every shade from white to pink, and red to yellow. There are approximately 210 species in this large genus, both deciduous and evergreen and they are native to almost all temperate to tropical areas from Asia to the Americas, both North and South. Scientists claim that magnolias are an ancient plant, appearing before bees did. They say that the flowers evolved to be extremely tough in order to avoid damage by beetles, and even today, they are most typically pollinated by beetles. Although they do not produce nectar, the flowers contain large amounts of high-protein nectar which the beetles use for food. Some fossils of magnolia plants have even been discovered that are thought to be 95 million years old.

When Charles Plumier came across this flowering tree some time in the 1600s (locally called ‘talauma’ on the island of Martinique) he decided to give it the name Magnolia, after Pierre Magnol, a French botanist who was one of his contemporaries.

Whatever the name in its many homes around the world, the magnolia has always been a favourite and it will probably always be a treasured flower. No wonder we have made as many signs featuring magnolias as we have, and look forward to making as many more.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
19 " x 11 "