Meadow Muse Property Sign

THIS HANDCRAFTED PROPERTY SIGN features a beautifully hand painted autumn landscape which is an add-on panel with cove edge. The interesting name is intriguing and adds interest – one wonders exactly what the residents at Meadow Muse had in mind when they named their property. They may have just liked the alliteration, or maybe they had something more in mind.

Nowadays, the word muse can refer to just about any person who inspires an artist, musician or writer. In fact, the word ‘music’ derives from the same root (‘mousike’ was a form of metrical speech and was considered one of the Muses’ art forms). The Greek word ‘mousa’ not only refers to a type of goddess, but has a literal meaning of ‘art’ or ‘poetry’. Originally, the Muses (capitalized) are meant to inspire literature, science, geography, philosophy, drama, the arts and inspiration in general, and were traditionally called the nine daughters of Zeus. There are many examples in classical literature where the Muse is called upon for inspiration at the beginning of a poem or story. For instance, John Milton, at the beginning of his Paradise Lost, writes, “Restore us, and regain the blissful Seat. Sing, Heavenly Muse…” But whatever the thought behind the name ‘Meadow Muse’, one can easily imagine walking into this peaceful golden scene and being inspired, whether muses are involved or not.

This custom sign was made of high density urethane (HDU) which is a closed cell substrate that is the same density, weight and feel as wood, but since it is completely waterproof and insect-proof and has no grain, it will not warp, split or crack like wood and will last for many more years. The paint is tough Australian-engineered Dulux Weathershield – a strongly UV resistant exterior acrylic that will not fade, crack or blister and will withstand years of tough outdoor conditons.

Carved & Gilded
Add on Painting
Sign Size
18 " x 11 "