Rosebury House Sign

THE ROSEBURY sign was designed and created in 2008 for a client in Queensland, Australia. The following text is typical of communications between our clients and designers. This shows how our clients sometimes describe the sign they want by pointing to sign elements that they have seen elsewhere on our website.

" . . .We have a brick home but all of the trims, pergolas, veranda posts, archway and outbuildings are painted in the colors on the attached colour card. We have a pink wild rose growing over the archway at the front of our home, and a number of roses growing in our garden and therefore we feel this wild rose art would all tie in together. We would appreciate if Danthonia could create a drawing with the following elements: an oval bump on top of sign, wild roses like the 'Number 14' plaque, black background color and gold leaf used for the carved groove. The lettering "Rosebury" should be carved and gilded using the same font as the River Oak sign. If the Edwardian Script proves to difficult to fit we would be guided by your suggestion of shape and font. If a change of font is required we would prefer the first letter upper case with the remainder in small caps."

With so many signs to look at in our different portfolios this kind of description is fairly easy to compose and it gives our designers a great head start. If you would rather like to try you own hand at doing some of the design work try out our design tools to tweak an existing sign design or start one from scratch.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
24 " x 14 "