The Cherylton House Sign

THE GARDENIA, as shown on this distinctive house sign, is an exotic waxy, fragrant and beautiful plant that is, surprisingly, in the coffee family. Native to tropical and subtropical areas in the world, these flowers were named after a Scottish born American naturalist Alexander Garden who lived in the 1700’s. Symbolizing purity and sweetness, gardenias are both grown for their lush foliage as hedges and borders as well as for use as cut flowers.

There are over 140 species in the gardenia family, with many variations. Some shrubs can grow to twenty feet in height, while others grow to about two feet. The leaves are a lovely glossy, dark green and also vary widely in size. One type of gardenia which has been grown in China for over a thousand years and is popular in both China and Japan, has yellow flowers which are used as a dye in both clothes and food. In Tahiti, another type of gardenia is an evergreen which the Polynesians use as fragrant necklaces. On some Pacific islands, it is important how the flower is worn – on the right ear, the person is available, while on the left ear, the person is married. A perfume oil is also made by infusing the flowers in coconut oil. In the 40’s and 50’s, the jazz singer Billie Holiday adopted the gardenia as her trademark by almost always weating some in her hair. The flowers are still a favorite choice for weddings and proms – as bouquets for women and boutonnieres for men.

The gardenia on this lovely little house sign in Harrisville, Pennsylvania was hand painted by Danthonia artists directly on the surface of the sign panel. Liquitex Artist acrylic paints were used for superior weather-ability and color fastness. Since our signs are custom and hand painted you can chose any flower that you find to be meaningful and appropriate for your specific signage application.

Flat Painted / Border Incise Carved
Flat Painted
Sign Size
18 " x 10 "
  • We were very pleased with the craftsmanship and quality of this beautiful custom sign. Thank you so much for being a part of making “The Cherylton” complete! Thank you!