The House at Darnley Bridge Sign

“…IT IS EASY to console ourselves with armfuls of Lupine, which bounteously flowers for six weeks along our lakeside, ranging from the 23rd of May to the 6th of July. The Lupine is one of our most travelled plants: for, though never seen off the American continent, it stretches to the Pacific, and is found upon the Arctic coast. On these banks of Lake Quinsigamond It grows in great families, and should be gathered in masses and placed in a vase by itself; for it needs no relief from other flowers, its own soft leaves afford background enough, and though the white variety rarely occurs, yet the varying tints of blue upon the same stalk are a perpetual gratification to the eye. I know not why shaded blues should be so beautiful in flowers, and yet avoided as distasteful in lady’s fancy-work; but it is a mystery like that which long repudiated blue and green from all well-regulated costumes, while Nature yet evidently prefers it to any other combination in her wardrobe.” Thomas Wentworth Higginson, 1889

This lovely cottage sign features hand sculpted and painted lupine artwork for someone who must have had the same sentiments as Mr. Higginson years ago. Together with the carved and 23kt gold gilded accents and groove border and carved letters, this old fashioned sign gives the feeling of times gone by. Although it looks, feels and weighs exactly like a wood sign, it is really made of high density urethane (HDU) – a material that is completely waterproof and will outlast wood.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
18 " x 11 "