Beach Dreams Beach House Sign

A CORAL REEF SCENE is the striking main feature on this attractive beach house sign. Known for their vast variety in colors, shapes and sizes, the fish that live among coral reefs are especially interesting to watch. Hundreds of species can cohabit in a small area of reef, either well hidden or camouflaged, and many have adapted and evolved in amazing ways in order to survive. Although coral reefs take up less than one percent of the world’s ocean’s surface, they provide a habitat for 25 percent of all fish species. Most reef fishes have sharp, bony spines in their fins which give them good defence and also help to wedge them in place between corals or rocks. Others are venomous, while others have attained incredible camouflage that makes them almost invisible.

The relationships found in the reef are fascinating too. Of course, coral provides a hiding place for many small fish, but it can be mutually beneficial too, as in the case of clownfish and sea anemones. The anemones are guarded by the very territorial clownfish, who are immune to the toxins of the anemone. Larger fish, such as butterfly fish which will quickly eat an unprotected anemone, need to get past the clownfish to reach their meal. The clownfish is smaller, but not intimidated. The anemone, also gaining by eating the leftovers from the clownfish’s meals, in return gives the clownfish protection from those fish that are not immune to anemone stings. Another working together is the yellow tang fish who feeds on the algae that grows on the backs of marine turtles, and provides cleaner service.

Most reef fishes are shaped very differently from fishes that swim in the open waters. While the latter usually have streamlined bodies that are built for speed, reef fish need to manouver in small spaces, so their shape is usually vertical and thin, also making it easier to dart and turn quickly. Their coloring is also different from most other fish – often with brilliant colors and patterns, while open water fish are usually silvery colored.

Beach Dreams offers a glimpse of the reef with its dimensional hand sculpted artwork and hand carved letters and water ripples. A great handcrafted sign that will welcome people to this beach house for many years to come.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted Add ons
Sign Size
28 " x 19 "