Seascape Retreat Beach House Sign

MERIMBULA, JEWEL OF THE SAPPHIRE COAST, is in the heart of the prized southeastern corner of New South Wales where the region is still wonderfully unspoiled and the beaches are pristine. On the border of Merimbula Lake, which is really an almost fully enclosed sea bay, the town took its name from the Aboriginal word for ‘two lakes’. Bass and Flinders explored this are in 1797, and were struck by the natural beauty here. Now largely a tourist town, there are many attractions in the area, including the famous annual jazz festival and Sydney rock oysters, as well as wavesailing, snorkelling, kiteboarding, and stand up paddle (otherwise known as SUPs) but even more popular are the many natural wonders to be discovered all along this part of the coastland. The Merimbula Boardwalk stretches for 3.5 kilometers along the lake’s edge. Surrounded by national parks, the area is protected from development. This is a great place for watching whales – sperm whales, southern right whales and humpbacks all make their appearance here.

A fascinating aspect of the area is the convergence of two great oceans – with the cold waters from the Arctic meeting the East Australian Current that flows down from the tropical Coral Sea. This causes a massively deep and wide flow of water, especially in the summer months, and all kinds of marine life travels this super highway creating an incredible ocean biodiversity. Rocky coastlines, mangroves, estuaries,seagrass beds, sheltered lagoons and more than 150 beaches are all part of the great diversity.

Seascape Retreat is one of many great getaways in the area and it features one of Danthonia’s handcrafted signs – with hand painted artwork, sculpted seashell add ons, hand carved and gilded letters and dimensional panel layers with top trim to add an extra dimension.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Painted Add on Panel
Sign Size
28 " x 34 "