Jemima Puddle Duck Cottage Sign

JEMIMA PUDDLE DUCK is the star of this handcrafted house sign in Warburton, Victoria. This well-loved barnyard animal probably needs no introduction, but it may be that she is not so well known to today’s younger generation, which would be too bad. So, here is a bit of background.

Jemima Puddle Duck is the main character in a children’s book that Beatrix Potter, the English author, wrote and illustrated in 1908. It was based on real life people and animals at Hill Top, the farm in the Lake District where Beatrix lived, and it was one of her most hugely popular books, along with Peter Rabbit. It was her first book that was completely based on the farm setting, using the background and nearby locale as a model for her paintings.

Jemima herself is a domestic duck, Aylesbury to be precise, and the drama centers around her problem of finding a place where she can hatch her eggs, since the farmer’s wife doesn’t think she will sit, and so continually confiscates her eggs. Jemima makes the mistake of accepting a fox’s invitation to nest in his shed, but luckily, she is rescued by Kep, the collie, who discovers her in the nick of time.

People loved Jemima Puddle Duck so much that by 1910, soft toys were being sold, complete with paisley shawl and bonnet. Potter also made a Jemima Puddle Duck coloring book in 1925, though she ran into problems waiting for ducklings to hatch and be used as models (since the eggs turned out to be rotten.) Much later, in 1971, this story was woven into a Royal Ballet film called ‘The Tales of Beatrix Potter’, and then as part of a BBC series, ‘The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends’ in 1993.

Classics hopefully never die, and it looks like Jemima is here to stay. In this case, she is beautifully hand painted on this friendly cottage sign which will be there to welcome visitors for years to come.

Flat Painted
Flat Painted
Sign Size
27 " x 11 "