Naughty Pine Lodge Sign

NAUGHTY PINE LODGE hangs in Apple Valley, Minnesota. The design was created on Danthonia’s sign designer website, where the customer chose every element of his sign and configured them just the way he wanted and having a certain spot on his property in mind. The colors, text style, sign shape, edging, texture, artwork and of course the size were all changeable, and the price showed as he went along, so he could keep the price in his budget. He was able to save as many designs as he wished, to email around or just have on file, and when he was ready to order, he just added it to the cart and followed instructions. Within 24 hours, a refined proof was emailed back for his comments and final approval, and about two weeks later a photograph of the finished sign was sent. The sign arrived three weeks after his initial approval.

The artwork on this sign was sculpted and painted by hand. Red oak leaves and acorns have been a favorite theme on our house signs, which is not surprising, since they present such beautiful earthy autumn colors and really are a symbol of the North American woods. Formally called ‘Northern Red Oak’ to distinguish it from the southern red oak (or Spanish Oak), it is the state tree of New Jersey and the provincial tree of Prince Edward Island. These well-loved trees can live for up to 500 years and reach a trunk circumference of 26 feet (as seen in the Ashford Oak in Ashford, Connecticut.) And humans aren’t the only people who appreciate the oak tree – deer, squirrels and birds feast on the acorns. Although white oak and pin oak are the favorite acorns (due to the fact that they have less tannic acid and don’t taste quite so bitter), red acorns will also be eaten. Although not rich in protein, acorns are full of fats and starch, and deer can put on a fair bit of weight in two weeks on a bumper year. All in all, the humble acorn plays quite an important part in the bigger picture, as well as being a beautiful image.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
30 " x 20 "
  • Three years running! It still looks great.