Beaches and Cream Quarterboard

QUARTERBOARDS go back a long way, and have an interesting history, from the time they were placed on ships, and carved to last longer in the salt, wind and water. Eventually, people latched on to them as decorative signs for their houses as well, and originating in New England, this style of sign gradually spread to other places. Similar to beach house names, boat names (and quarterboards in general) tend to bring out the humor in people, and lend themselves to puns and plays on words (often involving a family name or an occupation that someone is having a holiday away from). Here is a very partial list of some of the funny or punny names we have run across over the years: Seanick Route, Shark Byte, Wire We Here, Pana Sea A, Wannabee Bigger, Liquid Asset, Ta Keel A, Sea Vu Play, License to Chill, A Fishin Sea, The Mayor’s Reel Office, A Yacht of Fun, Aquaholic, Wake Watchers, Sea N Red, O Fish L Business, Seas the Day, Power Trip, Sea Nile, A Boat Time, A Frayed Knot, Abby Gale, B N Nauti, Beer A Cuda, Buoys in the Hood, Campbell’s Sloop, Channel Surfing, Deeply Engaged, E Motion, Finnigan’s Wake, Gone with the Wind. Of course, there are also many more romantic, adventurous and noble sounding names too, such as the ever-popular Destiny, Discovery, Dream Catcher, Escape, Forever Young, Free Spirit, etc.

In this case, Beaches & Cream is a beautiful quarterboard with the traditional hand carved lettering and sculpted sea shells.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
38 " x 6 "