Donna Marie Welcome Sign

“THE SUNLIGHT glitters keen and bright, Where, miles away, Lies stretching to my dazzled sight a luminous belt, a misty light, Beyond the dark pine bluffs and wastes of sandy gray. The tremulous shadow of the Sea! Against its ground of silvery light, rock, hill, and tree, Still as a picture, clear and free, with varying outline mark the coast for miles around. On—on—we tread with loose-flung rein our seaward way, Through dark-green fields and blossoming grain, Where the wild brier-rose skirts the lane, And bends above our heads the flowering locust spray. Ha! like a kind hand on my brow comes this fresh breeze, Cooling its dull and feverish glow, While through my being seems to flow The breath of a new life, the healing of the seas!” John Greenleaf Whittier

This beautiful house sign was created using Danthonia sign designer online tools. The artwork was hand painted using Liquitex Professional Artist Acrylics. All text and groove border were hand carved and painted using top quality Acrylics. Although the client chose to hang it indoors the paints and materials are exceptionally weatherproof.

Carved & Painted
Flat Painted
Sign Size
30 " x 18 "
  • The sign my dad purchased from you was a gift for me... My mom died February 15, 2010... My husband and I purchased a house at the beach that summer (we vacationed with my mom every summer - it was her favorite place.)
    We decided to name the beach house "The Donna Marie" after my mom. My dad had the sign made for it (my dad does not have a lot of money but he wanted this as a memorial to her.) The sign now proudly hangs in the entranceway of "The Donna Marie." (It was such a beautiful sign that I did not have the heart to put it outside.)
    It is so beautiful and such a wonderful representation of my mom. She was dearly loved and very missed.
    So that is how your business impacted our family... we thank you!