Kingfisher Cottage Sign

β€œIT WAS THE RAINBOW gave thee birth, And left thee all her lovely hues; And, as her mother's name was Tears, So runs it in my blood to choose For haunts the lonely pools, and keep in company with trees that weep. Go you and, with such glorious hues, Live with proud peacocks in green parks; On lawns as smooth as shining glass, Let every feather show its marks; Get thee on boughs and clap thy wings before the windows of proud kings. Nay, lovely Bird, thou art not vain; Thou hast no proud, ambitious mind; I also love a quiet place that's green, away from all mankind; A lonely pool, and let a tree sigh with her bosom over me . β€œ W.H.Davies

Kingfishers, brightly colored, well known and loved, are found almost everywhere in the world (especially the tropics) apart from Arctic, Antarctic and the Sahara Desert. There are about 90 species – all with large heads and long, sharp bills, short legs and almost all with stubby tails. Although they are thought of as water-loving birds, most kingfishers are actually found away from water and eat small invertebrates. The red-backed kingfisher of Australia lives in the driest outback deserts, while other species live high in mountains and some on tropical coral atolls.

The azure kingfisher shown on this sign is a native of northern and eastern Australia, as well as Indonesia, New Guinea and other islands. This is a true water bird who is never far from a river, creek or lake, often watching platypuses foraging underwater and then diving for any interesting items that are disturbed and look good to eat. This royal blue and orange bird is one of the smallest and most brilliant kingfishers in Australia.

Here he is portrayed in a relief sculpture that has been carved with hand gouges and painted with artist acrylics. The text and border have been incise carved by hand as well.

Carved & Painted
Relief Sculpted
Sign Size
21 " x 20 "