Koonambil Entrance Sign

"FREE BY A WORLD of marsh that borders a world of sea. Sinuous southward and sinuous northward the shimmering band of the sand-beach fastens the fringe of the marsh to the folds of the land… The range of the marshes, the liberal marshes of Glynn. And the sea lends large, as the marsh: lo, out of his plenty the sea Pours fast: full soon the time of the flood-tide must be: Look how the grace of the sea doth go About and about through the intricate channels that flow here and there, Everywhere, Till his waters have flooded the uttermost creeks and the low-lying lanes, And the marsh is meshed with a million veins, That like as with rosy and silvery essences flow in the rose-and-silver evening glow. Farewell, my lord Sun! The creeks overflow: a thousand rivulets run ‘Twixt the roots of the sod; the blades of the marsh-grass stir; Passeth a hurrying sound of wings that westward whirr; Passeth, and all is still; and the currents cease to run; And the sea and the marsh are one. How still the plains of the waters be! The tide is in his ecstasy. The tide is at his highest height: And it is night. And now from the Vast of the Lord will the waters of sleep Roll in on the souls of men, But who will reveal to our waking ken The forms that swim and the shapes that creep Under the waters of sleep? And I would I could know what swimmeth below when the tide comes in on the length and the breadth of the marvellous marshes of Glynn.” Sidney Lanier, The Marshes of Glynn

The hand painted marsh at sunset scene on this striking entry sign brings to mind the old poem above. Together with the hand-sculpted banner, incise carved lettering and 23kt gold leaf gilding, the Koonambil sign shows the pride they take in their quality of care, and it will be there for years to come, as a landmark to welcome all visitors.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Painted Add on Panel
Sign Size
47 " x 26 "