Magnolia Ridge Horse Sign

'For Pete's sake, a wine-drinking horse! That's sure a new one on me...but he'll have to settle on hay, because we haven't got any, ah, horse wine in camp.' - Steven Merril Ulmen

We’ve made thousands of signs in our workshop and, over the years, certain images have a way of re-appearing over and over on the personalised house and farm signs that we produce. Word gets around and new customers ask for the same artwork that they’ve seen on other signs we’ve made. For example, the sculpted and gilded scallop shell is hugely popular on house signs along America’s east coast. We’ve hand-sculpted and painted dozens of laughing kookaburras for house plaques from Sydney’s eastern suburbs to the outback, and gilded ‘barn-stars’ have embellished many a house sign.

Even more intriguing is the perennial popularity of wine-drinking animals. We’ve made wine-drinking storks and a wine-drinking frog. But for some reason, this wine-drinking horse has proved to be the most recurrent artwork of all. What is it about this quirky character that tickles the fancy of so many?

Something in our human nature enjoys imagining animals with human characteristics. Countless children’s books, from Beatrix Potter to Richard Scarry, depict animals dressing and acting like humans. In heraldry, animals are often shown brandishing weapons, wearing crowns or holding up crests, in a human-like manner. And just about everybody talks to their pet as they would to a good friend. There’s even a long scientific word for our tendency to personify animals – Anthropomorphism.

So, even if your four-legged friend can’t cross his legs and enjoy a glass of port, it’s fun to imagine that he would if he could! So, why not let our artist sculpt and paint a wine-drinking horse on your personalised rustic barn sign, even if he has to settle for hay?

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
28 " x 20 "