Marks Family Dental Office Sign

“THANKS SO MUCH for taking care of my smile! Y’all are the best!”

This enthusiastic testimonial is just one of many to be found on the Marks Family Dentistry website. This husband and wife team opened their small family dental practice in 2008 in Asheville, North Carolina, where their aim is total customer satisfaction, and judging by the many responses, they seem to have succeeded.

When their new office opened, they wanted a quality sign, something that was handcrafted and dimensional, classy and quality, that would reflect the beautiful interior and quality of care they were determined to provide. The details of this unique sign were discussed and worked on together, until the final design was approved and fabricated. The large tooth was sculpted using hand gouges and painted with artist acrylics, while the main text and accent were incise carved with chisels (no CNC router here!) and gilded with 23kt gold. Add on panels, both for the name plaques and for the main sign, added an extra dimensionality to this handcrafted sign, and a cutaway window with cove edge frame the realistic molar. A top trim added an extra touch of class, and the sign was hung from a scroll hanger.

Since the sign is made of high density urethane (HDU) it will weather for many years to come. This material is a completely waterproof closed cell foam that has the same density and feel as wood, but has the big advantage over wood of not splitting, warping, cracking or rotting as wood it prone to do over time. It will be hanging there to welcome patients for a long time to come.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
28 " x 36 "