Nana Glen Village Entrance Sign

“UPON AN AGE-WORN, upright stone of gems that once had been a part of some great tree's rejoicing heart, A Lizard, motionless and lone, A glowing, living emerald shone of such encrusted, radiant sheen, He reigned the monarch of the scene-- A creature nature's hand had done When wrought the earth, and air, and sun, In most harmonious unison…” Edward Robeson Taylor, A Lizard of the Petrified Forest

The common garden skink shown on Nana Glen’s town entrance sign is a well-known sight in most suburban yards and gardens ranging across Australia, but most common in the south. With nearly 400 species in the family, there is a wide range in size and appearance, from the 27 inch long land mullet of the eastern rainforests to the limbless burrowing skinks in the dunes of Central Australia. These sun-loving creatures are mainly insect eaters, and they can surrender their tails to predators when necessary, then grow a new one. But what about having two tails?

The lizard’s tail has vertebrae, and in the middle of each is an area of weakness, designed to easily fracture. At that point, the muscles are also designed to pull apart, and the blood vessels to easily clamp down, so very little blood is lost. Somehow, when this happens, a new tail construction begins. But once in a while, for some reason, the tail is only partly broken, just enough for new tail growth to start, and then two tails appear. The new tail is all cartilage – no new vertebrae there. It is said, in some places, that two tailed lizards were considered to be lucky for anyone who could catch one.

The town’s name, Nana Glen, comes from the two tailed lizard, since ‘nana’ is an Aboriginal word for ‘two’. This small village, just 15 miles from the ocean, includes the Two Tails Winery, and its claim to fame is that it is home to the well-known film actor Russell Crowe, who has a property here.

The famous skink was hand sculpted and painted on the town sign, and the main text was hand carved and gilded with 23kt gold.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
48 " x 24 "