Design Packages & Special Requests

IF YOU ARE designing your own sign with the sign-designer tools provided on this site - but you want to make a special request for specific colors, original artwork, reflective letters, dimensional top trim or other signage features that that you cannot find in our standard selection - we will try to help.

Browse through the custom products and services at left and either ‘add to cart’ or click on the image that interests you for a fuller description.

Our design packages are the way to go if you would like professional help with your sign design. The bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages offer various numbers of design concepts and revisions - as project requires or budget allows. By purchasing one of our design packages you can get professional drawings for a presentation to your company decision makers, local sign code people or city councils - without any obligation to purchase the sign itself should permission be delayed or denied.

Every sign we make is custom so we are not limited to the examples of work shown on this website. If you do not find what you need on our special requests page contact us and one of our team will get back to you with an answer. ‘Custom Sign Units’ can be used to purchase unique signage where you have provided the design or signage types not otherwise available on this site. Your sales person can assist you in placing a custom sign unit order.