Paradise Springs Winery Sign

PARADISE SPRINGS WINERY is located on 36 acres in Clifton, Virginia. Next door is wooded Hemlock Regional Park with Bull Run River flowing nearby. Several hundred of the original thousand acre land parcel that was granted still remains in the family today. The name ‘Paradise Springs’ comes from the mineral springs here. Once prized by Washingtonians as a resort destination (they say that presidents and generals of the day used to make use of the spring’s healing waters), the water was tested in in 1904 and found to be pure enough for bottling and selling. 1910 saw the construction of a bottling plant which sold ‘Paradise’ water, which continued for some years until the company folded.

A log cabin (circa 1810) on the property underwent renovations in the 1950’s by Howard Richter, who learned from Frank Lloyd Wright. Hints of FLR are noticeable in many corners of the cabin, such as the indirect lighting, and the idea of bringing nature indoors.

It was in2007 that the present winery was founded as a family business and the first vintage was produced and the first vineyard was planted on the property in 2008, which has been highly successful due to the rich soil here.

This classic entrance sign makes use of the Paradise Spring’s distinctive logo rendered in hand chip carving, gilded with 23kt gold leaf. The text is also hand carved and gilded. Constructed of high density urethane (HDU), the sign has the look of wood, but the advantage of better weatherability, since it is totally waterproof and will not split, crack or rot like wood will do over time.

Carved & Gilded
Chip Carved & Gilded
Sign Size
70 " x 41 "