Pipersleigh Farm Sign

‘I KNOW A MIRACLE when I see it: the tiny paws of our rat terrier, the Golden Gate bridge, the Adirondack mountains, photographs by Ansel Adams, a jigger of Jack Daniels, daisies growing in a clump…sourdough bread, Black Angus cattle… morning glories, John Deere tractors, the hand of man, the hand of God… I know miracles when I see them, here and there, everywhere. And I am thankful.’ From the poem Thanksgiving: It’s a Miracle by Frank Avon

Most farmers would understand, at least at times, the feelings this poet expresses in his poem, and many farmers proudly choose an image of their prize bull or cattle for their property sign. The folks at Pipersleigh were no exception. The Black Angus shown on this farm sign has been sculpted using hand gouges and hand painted with attention to every detail, right down to the ear tag. The text was carved with chisels (no CNC routers in our sign shop!) and gilded with 23kt gold leaf. A carved border adds even more dimension to this handcrafted sign, which looks, feels and weights the same as wood, but has the added advantage of being much longer lasting than wood. It will not warp, rot, crack or split and is completely waterproof and insect proof – a real plus out in harsh weather extremes of frost and harsh sun.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted
Sign Size
28 " x 13 "