Duncroft House Sign

“WHEN THE WATTLE curls are browning, When the blackwood's bloom is done, When the gloom of Winter's frowning flees before the waxing sun, When the forest's tears have ended, Regally arrayed and splendid, Come I, like a gem afloat, in my royal scarlet trousers and my green tail-coat. Few among the singing gentry note my royal presence there; Quietly I make my entry with an unassuming air; Till, on some hot noon-day dreaming mid the ripening grasses gleaming, With surprised delight you note my official scarlet trousers and my green tail-coat. When the royal feast is over-- Kingly fare in bounty spread 'Mid the cocksfoot and the clover-- I would seek the royal bed, Then, my retinue attending, Thro' the gums I flash, ascending To my trumpet's piercing note, in my gorgeous scarlet trousers and my green tail-coat.” C.J.Dennis, The King Parrot

The king parrot is unquestionably one of the most strking of Australian parrots, with its brilliant red and green coloring, relatively large size and long tail. The males are the only native parrot with a completely red head. Found along the east coast and ranges of the country, they are usually found in rainforests or the eucalyptus bush, though they are increasingly at home in well-treed suburbia and at feeding stations. Often found in pairs or family groups, these parrots feed on fruits, seeds and small insects and prefer staying below tree level. Their call is a distinctive single high note, quite loud. King parrots can become quite domesticated and unafraid of human contact.

The king parrots on this house sign were hand sculpted and painted, while the letters were hand incise carved.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
19 " x 11 "